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Over the years, our customers have had many questions concerning the tanning process.  For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions below.  If your question is not addressed here, feel free to contact our knowledgable staff.

Where can I find more information about tanning?

This webpage is a great resource:

Do I really need to wear protective eye wear?



We care about your eyes!  Do you?  Slightly moving your eyewear periodically during a tanning visit will avoid any "racoon-effect" lines. All FDA approved eyewear can be seen through so you can see the controls on the sunbed or your iPod.


There's no good reason for not wearing eyewear and a ton of reasons to wear them.

Be smart and protect your eyes!

How does it work?

The sun emits two types of ultraviolet (UV) light rays, which are called UVA and UVB. Indoor tanning equipment uses powerful lamps to reproduce this UV light with a mix of UVA and UVB rays.

UVA are mainly browning rays that turn your skin's melanin from pink to brown. This is your body's natural protection from the sun. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB and take a few hours to produce their full results.

UVB rays stimulate your skin's melanocyte cells, which in turn bring more melanin to the surface. These rays penetrate the skin less deeply, add a natural sheen to your skin and take slightly less time to show their full effect.

Do I need a tanning lotion?

Ask any of the tanning consultants at our salons to show you their lotion. We all use lotion because we all know the many benefits our products can offer to our tan and our skin.


The skin is primarily made up of water.
The cells that produce pigment in your skin use trace minerals & amino acids.
The skin has delicate features that are suseptible to damage or aging.


Tanning products (even the most basic) are fueled with WATER, trace MINERALS, AMINO ACIDS and powerful anti-oxidants, free-radical scavangers and VITAMINS to help protect the skin from injury and promote a firmer more youthful appearance.


Tanning products are basically supplements providing your skin with what it needs to make plenty of color, fast!


Clinical studies show that any professional tanning product can produce at least 30-40% better results while helping to prevent much of the risk of over-exposure.

If your goal is to get faster color, darker color and you want your tan to last longer, than you don't want a tanning lotion, you NEED one!

Does skin type matter?

The short answer is: yes, skin type matters a great deal!

The long answer: Tanning salons use the "Fitzpatrick scale" to classify skin types into six different categories. This helps tanning technicians determine the best treatment plan for your skin. The scale is based on the skin's reaction to the first ten to 45 minutes of sun exposure after the winter season.

Skin types I and II burn easily and tan minimally if at all. Skin type III burns moderately and tans gradually. Skin type IV tans well and skin types V and VI rarely or never burn and tan very easily.

For first-time customers, our tanning technicians perform a free test to identify your skin type and determine the best course of action for your desired tan.

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