Spray Tan FAQs

Before Your Spray Tan:

- Wax and shave 2 days before your tan.
- Shower/exfoliate.
DO NOT apply deodorant, lotion, makeup, perfume.
- Wear loose dark clothing and flip flops.

Immediately After Your Spray Tan:

DO NOT wash hands for 4 hours.
- No perspiring or immersing in water.
- Wait 8 hours before showering.
- Do not apply moisturizer on the day of your spray tan.
- If you SMUDGE, leave alone.

Maintaining/Prolonging Your Spray Tan:

- Shower the next day after your spray tan.
- Pat yourself dry after bathing.
- MOISTURIZE after each shower.
- Use a quality lotion without perfumes.

Other Tips:

- Use a nail buffer or pumice stone to remove color transfer from palms.
- Avoid sweating for 4 hours after spraying.
- Exfoliate before your next visit. 


How long does my tan last? Depending on how you care for your tan and your skin type, your tan can last from 5 to 7 days. (even as far as 10 days for some people) You can use a tan extender lotion to help maintain your healthy glow until your next spray session. 

Will I turn orange? No, you will not turn orange. Orange or rainbow tans happen because too high of DHA product is used on your skin type or from other factors. Our products contain an olive color base that negates any orange discoloration to the skin. Though rare, there are conditions that can affect the outcome of your spray tan such as medications, hormonal cycles, or tan preparation. 

What happened to my palms? If you have color transfer on the palms of your hands, sometime throughout the development process you touched your skin which in turn will transfer color and stain. We use a barrier cream that protects the palms from the tanning process and it is up to you to keep them stain free. Just in case, you can use a nail buffer or pumice stone to help remove color. 

Do I have to remove my old spray tan before next the session? We prefer that you have your old spray tan removed from your skin to ensure an even application for each session. If it is fading evenly, you can spray over the last session. 

How do I remove my spray tan? Your tan will fade but will not wash off. You can speed the exfoliation process by using a quality scrub glove or washcloth. DO NOT OVER SCRUB because it will cause dry spots and will make your tan results uneven. Take a 40 minute tub soak to help lighten color. We do have wipes available to purchase that can help remove stubborn spots. Spray tan on skin that is well moisturized and exfoliated will fade more evenly and provide an even palette for tanning. 

What do I wear during my session?  For customized air brush spray tans, attire for women is whatever you are most comfortable with that is loose and dark.  We can minimize tan lines if necessary. Men should wear boxers, briefs, or swim trunks. Tanning solution will wash out of MOST materials. Your tanning specialist will use the utmost discretion. 

Do I still need to wear sunscreen?  You should be using a quality SPF every day when outdoors for extended periods.  Our products do not contain sunscreen and will not protect against sunburn. You can still tan while using sunless tanning products. 

Do hot tubs, pools, and the ocean strip my spray tan? Yes, your spray tan will fade faster with exposure to the chlorine in pools, hot tubs and the ocean. You can minimize by applying a durable waterproof sunscreen before these activities. Reapplication is needed to help prevent fading.
Many of our clients purchase a Norvell Touch Up bottle.  This can be used as an "insurance" policy on areas of your body to redo color if needed.  These are available in 2 different sizes.

Can I tan if I am pregnant or nursing? You can participate in sunless tanning during pregnancy if you have doctor's approval with signed documentation. 

Can I get darker? Our products are designed to look more natural, but you can achieve a darker tan by doing a second session within the week or by using one of our retail products. Ask your tan technician for details. 



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